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A little about me...


16 years ago I began my training as a Social Worker qualifying 3 years later from University. I worked in Child protection for over 8 years before moving on to Adult Services for the last 3 years. I'm proud of my achievements but sometimes things are put into perspective and your life takes a whole new path.


In 2016 I began volunteering for a local rescue centre for stray, abandoned and abused dogs. Having grown up with a dog as a child, I wanted my own dog throughout my adult life however my work commitments left little time at home. 


Spending time with the rescue dogs, building a bond with fear aggressive, mistrusting and nervous dogs and helping them on their way to their forever homes reignited my dream of working with animals. In 2017 Diamond Pet Services was born!


I am proud Mum of my beautiful rescue dog Willow, my cat Maisie, adopted from rescue  and Magic, my crazy but beautiful horse. My first horse, Laser, was with me until he went to sleep in my arms at the age of 26 and was quite simply my whole world, followed by my angel Dolly Daydream who left me in 2020. 


I am the kind of person that walks down the street and notices a dog before the person. I talk to my animals frequently and no one can tell me they dont understand or respond! My animals eat better than I do, I would go to the ends of the earth for them. 


My career in Social Work gave me a high level of responsibility, one that I never took lightly and I'd like to think that continues to be evident in me as a person in general. Entrusting your pet into my care continues to carry that level of responsibility and you can be assured that your pet will be treated as equally as my own. 


Since my journey began in 2017, Diamond has become more than I could ever have wished for. I gained my qualification as a Dog Trainer in 2019 and am accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).


Diamond is what my dreams are made of, and I am proud to say I am achieving those dreams.

I love to learn and seeing animals respond to me is what makes my smile wider. 


Paula x



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