From the beginning of Diamond I've been asked if I would take on training for dogs however I've always declined. Although there is no legal or regulated requirement for a dog trainer to be qualified, in my eyes I felt I needed to be as experienced, well read and to study as much as possible prior to offering this service. 


Having completed the 'Puppy Lab', an extensive course run by The Canine School of Science, as well as 2 years volunteering heavily with rescues, 2 years of working daily with dogs, undertaking training classes and workshops with my own dog, I decided to begin my quest to gain trainer accreditation with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

The IMDT are an internationally recognised education provider for Dog Trainers, and uphold a code of ethics which I am fully committed to.

I am extremely proud to have gained my qualification and accreditation following my assessment in August 2019. 


The process of gaining qualification and accreditation through the IMDT concludes with a thorough 2 day assessment involving both practical and theory based examinations. Full membership with the IMDT is only offered on the basis of passing each of the 4 areas of assessment and is therefore a rigorous process. I chose this route to reflect my commitment to dog training, and to ongoing learning.


I am completely committed to ensuring that I only take on work I feel is within my juristiction as a trainer. Any identified issues I do not feel able to advise on I will always refer on to a behaviourist and may recommend veterinary examination to rule out any underlying medical issues.



I currently have puppy classes running on a regular basis. 'Little Learners' is a 6 week course full of fun, interaction and awesome training tips! We work through basic obedience, foundations of recall and loose lead walking, confidence building and enrichment. 


My second class 'Inbetweeners' is aimed at dogs who already have some basic training but would like to progress a step further. 


'Teenage Delinquents' is aimed at those cheeky adolescents who require some help with focus, training with distractions and managing those raging hormones! 


If classes arent for you and your dog I'm more than happy to undertake 1:1 training to work on areas including anything puppy related, jumping up, recall, lead walking, enrichment and mental stimulation, barking, confidence and anxiety. I am able to offer some advice for mild seperation anxiety. If your dog is experiencing issues with severe seperation anxiety, human aggression/ dog aggression I can happily provide details of a behaviourist to assist you.


All of my training follows positive reinforcement and is force free. This means that we use kind, encouraging methods to train our dogs. We used reward based training and also work on allowing the dogs to make positive choices, to think for themselves and to work those clever brains! My job is not to judge anyone for what you may view as mistakes made, my job is to help you and your dog build an incredible bond through fun training methods. 


If you would like to book training or to discuss your dog's individual requirements please get in touch and we can have a chat. 





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