Dog Walking

At Diamond I firmly believe that walking your dog means more than just physical exercise.


Opportunity to play during a walk allows your dog to have fun, burn off that excess energy, socialise with other dogs if they are comfortable doing so, and provides enhanced physical exercise. 


Did you know that play in isolation can in fact create over stimulation?


There is a strong likelihood that on return home from a play only outing, your dog may be physically tired however mentally their busy brains will still be on overdrive. This can exacerbate issues with dogs who are prone to seperation anxiety such as chewing and destructive behaviour.


My walks include a variety of locations with lots of new smells and places to explore. Within our walks your dog will be provided with opportunity to play, sniff, explore and have fun before slowing the pace to promote relaxation before returning home. 

Group Walks

£12 per hour

Free introductory home visit 

Varied locations

Groups matched appropriately for each dogs needs

Dogs only walked off lead once relationship has been established and owners written consent gained.



Dog Walking


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